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December 2016

Notice of Violation Lead & Copper Initial or Routine Tap Sampling

The City of Castroville has failed to meet the monitoring and reporting requirements set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in Chapter 30, Section 290, Subchapter F. On October 31, 2016, the City of Castroville received a NOTICE OF VIOLATION (NOV) for failure to complete the Initial sampling for Lead & Copper in the Public Water System from the TCEQ. The purpose of the lead and copper testing is to protect public health by minimizing lead and copper levels in drinking water, primarily by reducing corrosivity. Lead and copper enter drinking water primarily from plumbing. This violation is not an emergency and does not require any actions by the citizens of Castroville. 

All lead and copper samples for our water system have consistently met or exceeded Federal and TCEQ standards for drinking water as reflected in the annual Consumer Confidence Report. The City water system is in compliance with all regulated parameters for safe drinking water.  Since the date of the NOV, the City of Castroville has completed the collection of the samples that were required and have been submitted to an accredited lab for analysis.  Any further action taken by the City will depend on the results of the samples that were submitted to the lab.  In accordance with TCEQ rules and the NOV requirements a required letter of Notification is accompanying this news release.  The City is expected to return to compliance as soon as the results are reported to TCEQ.  You can view the full text of the violation by clicking here. The City of Castroville is committed to providing excellent water quality to our citizens.

Contact: Lawrence Heinrich, Director of Public Works

1209 Fiorella Street, Castroville, TX 78009


Castroville, TX (December 1, 2016)