Tourism & Business Development

Tourism and Business Development works with local community leaders and businesses to help strengthen Castroville and our ability to attract tourism and business development.

By expanding the local tax base, improving the quality of life for residents, and preserving the character and uniqueness of Castroville through projects that assist in the business retention and expansion, and new business development, the city will have sustainable growth.

​To achieve sustainable growth and a healthy local economy, Tourism & Business Development will:

​- Identify and promote areas of interest to individuals outside of the Castroville city limits.

- Promote the city to the surrounding areas with targeted marketing.

- Promote the development and expansion of new and existing business enterprises within Castroville

​- Serve as liaison with the business community and develop and coordinate partnerships with various governmental agencies and business groups to develop and retain local businesses

​ - Develop a marketing strategy for retail business recruitment

- Develop a list of vacant/undeveloped properties available for development/redevelopment within Castroville

​- Strengthen local business outreach to strategic industry sectors

- Create an environment where businesses know that they are welcome