Administrator's Welcome

Welcome  Residents and Visitors to the City of Castroville’s Website,

We appreciate your visit to the City of Castroville website, and your interest in our historic community.  If you have not visited our community, we hope you will be able to in the future.

Our website is a commitment by the City Council for the City of Castroville to offer residents and visitors relevant information about the community, organization and municipal services offered by us.  Moreover, our website is a product of our Mayor, City Council, Boards and Committees as well as departments and divisions within the organization.

Our website features easy access to current City news, City services, pertinent records, and how to contact the Mayor, City Council, Boards and Committees and City employees.  Additionally, our website allows individuals to sign up to be notified by email about upcoming City activities or projects, which we highly encourage you to do.

We would be remiss if we did not say that all those involved within the City organization enjoy being able to serve the community; thus, we welcome constructive feedback on our City website—namely, so we can make it even better for those desiring information about the City of Castroville, Texas.


City Administrator