Castroville Municipal Airport (CVB/KCVB)

Economic Impact of Castroville Municipal Airport (CVB)

The Castroville Municipal Airport is City-Owned and Operated.

airportThe Castroville Municipal Airport is 22 minutes from downtown San Antonio, and located just off of Highway 90 on the east side of the city. The Airport consists of 458.88 acres used partly for aviation-related uses, as well as for farming. The CVB is classified as a B-II General Use Airport. The B-II classification supports a weight category of 15,000 pounds, single wheel aircraft, for up to 12 passengers. The CVB is an uncontrolled (no control tower) field located in Class G Airspace. The field is lighted from sundown to dawn. The Airport recently extended the runway to 5,001 feet in order to accommodate corporate jets.

Food and Lodging

For information on food, lodging, and other information in the Castroville community visit the Chamber of Commerce website.

Rental Cars

Rental cars are unavailable for delivery to the Airport.

Airport Courtesy Car

The CVB has a local area courtesy car for visiting pilots. Call the Airport (830-538-4260) for more information. Pilots are asked to refill the car before returning it to the terminal building.