The goal of the Natural Gas Department is to provide the citizens with a safe and affordable product, backed up with quality service from a contracted well trained, and conscientious work force.  CPS Energy is our contracted provider at this time.  

Excess Valve Notice


What is an EFV?

An  Excess Flow Valve (EFV), is a mechanical shut off device, designed to shut off or minimize the flow of natural gas automatically if the service line is inadvertently dug into by a home owner or contractor during excavation. Click here for 49 CFR 192.383. Click here for Federal Register 2016 Final Rule.

Do I have to have an EFV?

No, installation of an EFV is not required.

Why have I received this notice?

Federal Safety Regulations recently changed the notification requirement. Notification is now required that each gas customer be notified of their right to request the EFV. This notice meets the new requirement.

Will gas service stop if an EFV is not requested?

Service will not stop if an EFV is NOT requested.

How will the EFV affect my bill?

Having an EFV will not affect your gas bill.

What does the cost cover?

The cost covers labor and materials for the installation of the EFV.

What are the benefits of an EFV?

An EFV is designed to shut off most of the flow of natural gas automatically if the service line breaks, for example, due to an excavation accident. Stopping the flow of gas from a broken service line significantly reduces the risk of natural gas fire, explosion, personal injury and/or property damage.