Emergency Alerts

Castroville Emergency Alert Notifications

For Emergency Alerts and to sign up for Emergency Alert notifications, please visit the Alert Center.

Medina County Emergency Alert Notifications

Please sign-up to receive emergency notifications for the county at http://r.i-info.com/rc/arc


Please visit the National Weather Service for the most up to date watches and warnings at weather.gov.

Medina Lake Levels

For information on Medina Lake Levels please visit Water Data for Texas.

Scroll to the second table for ‘Most Recent Instantaneous Water Level’ The Conservation Pool Elevation is the Emergency Spillway Elevation Height above Conservation Pool is the depth of water running in the Emergency Spillway. There is a 8-12 hour time lag for water to get from the Medina Lake Dam to Castroville. Also, there is a 8-12 hour time lag for water from upper watershed drainage area near Vanderpool TX to Medina Lake Da.

FEMA Information

We do have some information regarding FEMA and flooding under Public Notices page.  Please visit FEMA.gov for more information.