Drinking Water

Important Information about your drinking water.


The City of Castroville Public Water System received a NOTICE OF VIOLATION (NOV) from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for failure of Monitoring requirements related to the Revised Total Coliform Rule. This violation is not an emergency and does not require any actions by the citizens of Castroville. The Consumer Confidence Report submitted July 2017 by the City of Castroville reflected that the City of Castroville public water system was in compliance with all regulated parameters for safe drinking water.

In accordance with TCEQ rules and the NOV requirements a required letter of “Important Information about your Drinking Water” is accompanying this announcement. You can view the full text of the form by clicking here

Triggered Source Monitoring and Reporting Violation: Groundwater Rule

City of Castroville Texas PWS #1630005 failed to collect the required number of triggered source bacteriological samples for fecal indicator monitoring of the ground water system during March 2017. This monitoring is required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s “Drinking Water Standards” and the federal “Safe Drinking Water Act.’’ Public Law 95-523.

Triggered source samples are used to monitor water quality and indicate if the water is free of fecal indicator bacteria. Following a positive routine total coliform result in our distribution system, our water system is required to submit one triggered source sample for every active ground water well. Failure to collect all required triggered source samples is a violation of the monitoring requirements and we are required to notify you of this violation.

The City of Castroville is committed to providing excellent water quality to our citizens. 

Contact: Lawrence Heinrich, Director of Public Works

1209 Fiorella Street, Castroville, TX 78009

830.931.4090 larry.heinrich@castrovilletx.gov