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Medina Valley ISD

Medina Valley Independent School District has seen steady growth over the past several years. In 2019 the district at 5,545 students and believes the district will have over 14,000 students by the 2030 school year. MVISD has had a 44% increase in enrollment since 2017, and believes that this growth will continue. 

While the rest of our region declines in enrollment, Medina Valley ISD is actually one of the fastest growing school district in the region. Our numbers rival or surpass those in Bastrop ISD, Comal ISD, Bourne ISD, Dripping Springs ISD, and others.

The home sales in Medina Valley ISD have increased by 95% since 2010. The average home price has more than doubled, so you can see these numbers show strong economic opportunities in the area.

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