Doing Business in Castroville

The City of Castroville works to maintain a high quality environment in which businesses can form, locate and expand. Staff will coordinate meetings and services to help businesses with their development plans. ​Tourism and Business Development helps connect businesses interested in locating in Castroville with the appropriate departments in the city and county. Give us a call at 830-339-9912 or email Darin Hamm at and we can get the ball rolling.

Why Castroville?
Castroville has seen increased growth in the past five years and expects to see this accelerate over the next ten. With current developments, Castroville will over double in size growing from 3,427 to 7,263. The city is currently lacks businesses to fill many of the needs for our growing community.

Castroville sees over 27,000 cars pass through the city on average each day. As Castroville has grown our car counts have grown and many new businesses have come to the city because of this growth.

Average Income Level
The average household income in Castroville is $61,375. By comparison, San Antonio's average household income is $53,420 and a city like Fredricksburg, $53,420. The City of Castroville offers a strong economic base, a growing community, and traffic numbers that guarantee customers.

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