The project began with the change out of water meters then moved into changing the registers on most of the gas meters in the city. Three weeks ago, Conttract Callers Inc. (CCI) began the process of changing out 300 gas meters identified for replacement. On July 10th, crews began changing out electric meters. 

Scope of the project

  • Replace 1360 water meters 
  • Replace 1528 electric meters
  • Retrofit 522  gas meters
  • Replace 300 gas meters

Things to know 

  • Service interruption varies by utility type, but for the most part no more than 30 minutes for water and 15 minutes for electric
  • Gas meter replacements average about one hour and the installers will need to come into your home to check your pilot lights.
  • After your water meter is installed, please run water through your bathtub for about 15 minutes to clear out air and sediment. Use the bathtub faucet as it does not have an aerator. 
  • Installation will be done on weekdays between 7 AM and 5 PM. 
  • The entrie project is planned to take six months and began on April 17th. 

Completed Meter Installation

Installs as 08/29/2023
  • Water Meters - 1254 installs
  • Gas Meters - 448 retrofitted
  • Electric Meters - 855 installs

Meter Installs_082923