Castroville-Medina County                      Joint Airport Zoning Board


The Castroville Municipal Airport (the “Airport”) provides public-use aviation facilities serving the essential interests of the City of Castroville, Medina County, and the surrounding area.  A Zoning Board is needed to establish Airport zoning policy and regulate land use associated with the Airport.  The Airport Zoning Board was established to promote the safety and welfare of Airport users and nearby off-airport activities while helping assure the continued viability of Airport operations. 

Specifically, the Board seeks to protect the public from the adverse effects of Airport noise, to ensure that people are not concentrated in areas susceptible to aircraft accidents, and to ensure that development or activities do not encroach upon or adversely affect the use of navigable airspace.  Zoning the development of land near the Airport is intended to:

 - manage development to ensure uses that are mutually compatible to the Airport and        nearby landowners  

- ensure compliance with obligations set forth in the Airport Deed from the Federal Government and adopted by the Castroville City Council in 1949

- protect Castroville’s interests and taxpayer investment in the Airport

- avoid encroachment by non-aviation activities on Airport operations

- and avoid aviation interference with adjacent landowners 

Regulating land use ensures acceptable development in the vicinity of the Airport by creating appropriate compatibility zones, defining terms of use, and providing for enforcement within the established compatibility zones.                                                                                      

Where does the Zoning Board’s authority come from?

Authority to adopted zoning related to the Castroville Airport is conferred by Texas Local Government Code, Title 7, Chapter 241, Municipal and County Zoning Authority around Airports, also known as the Airport Zoning Act, 1987.  The Castroville Medina County Joint Airport Zoning Board was established by City Ordinance and County Order in 1990.

Residency Requirements & Term Length

The Airport Zoning Commission is open to residents within the ETJ, the extended ETJ, and the Medina Valley Independent School District.  Terms are for two years ending June 30th of each year.


The Airport Zoning Commission meets on the 4th Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted on the calendar.

Agendas and Meetings

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