City Council & Mayor

  1. City Council

    Councilmembers are the city's legislators. Their primary duty is policymaking, which includes identifying the needs of local residents, formulating programs to meet the changing requirements of the community, and measuring the effectiveness of ongoing municipal services.

  2. Boards & Commissions

    The boards are appointed by the City Council are primarily advisory and are responsible for advising the city council on matters dealing with long range planning and future improvements in their respective city functional areas.

  3. City Secretary

    The City Secretary is the chief election official for the City of Castroville and is the Official Records Management Officer. Open Records requests are generated through the City Secretary . The City Secretary generates City Council information including the biweekly agenda packets (both paper and electronic) for regular called meetings, workshops, and special called meetings.

  4. Agendas & Minutes

    Agendas are the official ordered listings of items to be discussed and acted upon by City Council and the City Boards.

  5. City Council Recordings

    Every City Council Meeting is recorded and provided for public information and listening.

  6. City Council Message Board

    SB 1297 provides a provision to the Open Meetings Act that allows communication between councilmembers about public business or public policy over which the council has supervision or control does not constitute a meeting if certain conditions are met. The communication must be: in writing; posted to an online message board that is viewable and searchable by the public; and displayed in real time and displayed on the message board for no less than 30 days after the communication is first posted. The City of Castroville's City Council Message Board meets these requirments.

  7. Board Recordings

    Boards and Commissions of the City of Castroville recordings.